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Jumping from High Places filming locations (Netflix)

Discover the filming locations for this popular Netflix movie and plan your own tour of the picturesque scenery

One of the main attractions of the Netflix movie Jumping from High Places is its beautiful locations in the southern Italian region of Puglia. The film (Per Lanciarsi dalle Stelle in Italian) is the story of Sole, a 24-year-old woman suffering from anxiety issues and grief over the loss of her best friend. Serious themes are treated fairly lightly and it’s partly an exploration of personal growth, partly a slightly offbeat romcom.

The film fits into a current Netflix genre in their Italian-language content of cutesy single heroines who are ‘not like other girls’ (spoiler: despite ending up just like other girls), have a social circle that’s surprisingly diverse given Italian provincial demographics, are big-eyed, quirky dressers, and address the camera directly in a way that may charm viewers or may seem extremely twee and irritating.

The movie is based on the Italian novel Per Lanciarsi dalle Stelle by Chiara Parenti. The novel is set in another part of Italy; Netflix have transposed the setting to Puglia, which gives it an added appeal (and may have helped with funding). The streaming service has accomplished what it often does well: used picturesque local settings, filmed in a tight selection of locations close together, and showed the area off to great advantage.

Whatever you think of the film, if you have a love of Puglia or an interest in visiting the region, Jumping from High Places is worth watching for its settings. The film locations are all close together in an area south-east of Bari, and they can be visited easily in a day or two by car or public transport: read on for my visiting guides.

Conversano filming locations: Sole’s hometown

The principal filming location for Jumping from High Places was the elegant inland town of Conversano. Playing the part of Sole’s hometown, the centro storico of Conversano looks beautiful in every scene, the cinematography showing off the picturesque historic lanes, the clean, restored pale limestone buildings and the fine architectural details dotted around the town.

It was actually Jumping from High Places that drew my attention to Conversano, leading to my research trip to the town – so I’m thankful I watched the Netflix movie. This is a really magical place to visit, and so different to the crowded tourist destinations of Puglia.

Piazza alongside Conversano castle, one of the Jumping from High Places filming locations
Alongside the castle, Conversano, with a side view of the town cathedral

The historic centre of Conversano is quite small and you’ll probably come across the principal locations without trying, as you explore the sloping lanes. I didn’t have an address or screenshots of Sole’s home, but I found myself at a street junction I was sure felt like the right one. I took some photos and a video, checked later when I had access to Netflix, and was pleased with both my recall and the luck that led me to the spot; I’d got the right place.

Via Lamberti, another location for Jumping from High Places
Via Lamberti, alongside the cathedral; Sole walks along here in an early scene

Conversano in the movie

After aerial sea views of Polignano a Mare during the opening titles (see below for the Polignano a Mare locations), the movie begins in Conversano, with summery scenes alongside the Castello Acquaviva d’Aragona where Sole struggles to choose a gelato flavour. You can see the castle walls in the background. Next she is walking around Conversano’s cathedral; there are some incredibly picturesque lanes here.

The bar frequented by Sole’s dad and his matchmaking friend Gianni is on Via dei Pelasgi, alongside the steps leading from the old town gateway Porta Tarantina (which Sole later heads through) up to the Monastero di San Benedetto. There is actually a real café-bar with tables on the spot, so you could pull up a seat and order a drink to enjoy your own movie moment. On the screen you can spot the great blocks of stone that were part of the ancient megalithic walls of the earliest settlement here.

At the foot of the steps to San Benedetto: a very recognisable Conversano location

Sole and her late friend Emma’s family homes are a short walk away from these earlier locations, still within the historic centre. You can find them at the junction of Via Tarsia and Via Porta Antica della Città. The building playing the part of Emma and Massimo’s family home is the old church and convent of Santa Chiara. Sole’s home is just over the road, the doorway on the right in the photo below.

The family homes of Sole and her friends, Conversano

Nowadays the former convent and church of Santa Chiara houses a small art museum featuring works from local churches, the Pinacoteca Diocesana (not open when I visited). Most of Netflix’s shots are framed so you don’t see the empty statue alcove above the door of the convent, making it easier to believe this is a residential building, although viewers do see glimpses of the courtyard inside.

Another of the Conversano settings used very effectively in the film is the Monastero di San Benedetto, another former convent. This is where Sole’s friends encourage her to attend an art class. Art classes in the movie are held picturesquely in the pretty 11th-century cloister, which like many of the other locations, would be a Conversano must-see even without its film connections.

First we see the grand portal of the abbey church in the convent complex, before Sole moves on to an art class in the cloister.

View of the cloister at the Monastero di San Benedetto, Conversano, featured in Jumping from High Places
Cloister at the Monastero di San Benedetto, Conversano: art classes were held here in the film

This large ex-convent is used for public events, and Conversano’s archaeological museum is housed in a wing of the building complex; I was able to walk in and found the entrance to the cloister open (around the church to the right, then through a doorway on your left). I’d suggest asking at the tourist information office or the museum during their opening hours if you can’t find the cloister or it’s inaccessible.

After Sole’s outing to the beach at Polignano with Danio, they return to Conversano and meet would-be matchmaker Gianni as they climb through one of the town’s impressive gateways, the tollgate Porta delle Gabelle, on the way to Sole’s home, where she sees an unwelcome sight.

Porta delle Gabelle, Conversano, featured in the Netflix movie Jumping from High Places
Movie location Porta delle Gabelle, Conversano

Perhaps for simplicity or just because Conversano is so historically intact and charming that there was no need to cherry-pick filming locations a long way apart, many of the scenes shot here actually make geographic sense. Enter Porta delle Gabelle and walk uphill and you do actually reach Sole’s house.

Conversano castle gateway

Other Conversano scenery includes the castle gateway, where Miriam signs up to the beauty contest, and there are several appearances of the piazza in front of the castle. Sole has a go at cycling with her friends in the town park by the castle. Some aerial shots give a sense of the town’s geography.

Since visiting the area and writing this article I’ve done a bit of digging online and identified Miriam’s imposing white-washed house as the Masseria Petrullo just outside Conversano, a venue for private events (with added bougainvillea for filming). See it on Streetview.

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The Abbey of San Vito, near Polignano a Mare

View of the Abbey of San Vito, featured heavily in Jumping from High Places (Netflix)
The Abbey of San Vito, a popular film/TV backdrop and featured heavily in the movie

The Abbazia di San Vito is just a couple of miles along the coast from seaside resort Polignano a Mare. This picturesque seafront abbey, the little harbour in front of it and the settlement around it appear frequently in the film. The initial birthday party where Sole makes new friends takes place at a waterfront restaurant here. Out on the headland with good views, the restaurant is called La Colonna in real life.

Restaurant 'La Colonna' at San Vito, Polignano - one of the locations for Jumping from High Places
Ristorante La Colonna, San Vito, the location where Sole partied and worked in the film

Later, Sole returns in the daytime to work at the restaurant in San Vito, run by the character Betta. In these scenes you can see the coastal watch-tower across the harbour as well as the abbey in all its faded grandeur.

San Vito, Polignano: view across the water to the watch-tower, which appears on screen

During the film, Sole makes several visits to San Vito, by day and night, alone and with Massimo, who keeps his boat here. Boat trips head off from here to explore the caves along the Polignano coast; I’d guess these include the grottoes visited by Sole and Massimo on their excursion (unfortunately I didn’t have time for a boat trip).

I didn’t eat at the restaurant, which has mixed reviews, but the fishing hamlet is a very picturesque place with good opportunities to paddle and bathe in the sea and a few choices for eating and drinking; it’s great to visit.

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Polignano a Mare filming locations

Polignano a Mare is a popular and touristy little clifftop town with a rocky bay that’s become an emblem of the Puglia region.

Sole spends time at Polignano with Danio at two points during the film; important scenes for the plot and character development. The beach they visit, in the Lama Monachile bay, is hugely picturesque as well as being one of Puglia’s most famous landmarks.

Both times they visit, the characters see a diver preparing to jump from a terrace on the rocky headland. Jumping off rocks into the sea is indeed a pastime here in Polignano, and it’s from diving platforms on that headland that the annual Red Bull diving competition takes place.

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Visiting Jumping from High Places filming locations

All three of these filming locations have starring roles in Jumping from High Places. If you’re inspired by the film, you’ll probably want to visit them all. As they are all within a few miles of each other, it’s easy to do.

You could make the movie tour in a day. I even managed this by public transport, starting in my base Monopoli. However, to appreciate the laid-back charm of Puglia and get the most from these beautiful spots, I’d suggest spreading them over a couple of days (or longer) for a leisurely and enjoyable experience. Allow time to kick back and relax with a gelato, a drink or a long pasta lunch, like the film characters would do, or enjoy an evening passeggiata.

You can read more about each of the locations in my destination guides, which include public transport and travel advice as well as tourist information. Polignano a Mare and Conversano are connected by buses (irregular, so check timetables), while the Abbey of San Vito can be reached from Polignano by a beach shuttle bus in high summer, on foot or by little three-wheeler taxi.

If I were to revisit the area and stay locally, I’d pick Conversano for its low-key and authentic charm; I’ve recommended some good-value B&Bs on my page about the town.