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Jumping from High Places filming locations (Netflix)

One of the main attractions of the Netflix movie Jumping from High Places is its beautiful locations in the southern Italian region of Puglia. The film (Per Lanciarsi dalle Stelle in Italian) is the story of Sole, a … Read the rest

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Castle of Love: a 15th-century romance in frescoes

Just a story

This is a story, one of countless Italian stories which circulate, retold over years and over centuries.

This particular story is a love story; always a good subject, and a convenient one for tourism marketing boards. It … Read the rest

Italy Heaven Website

New-look Italy Heaven

Welcome to the new-look Italy Heaven! It’s been a long time coming; essentially the old website was little changed since I taught myself html and began creating pages using a dial-up connection in my rented room in Rome twenty years … Read the rest