Venice Map

Study Venice’s geography, plan ahead, find itinerary ideas, hunt for specific sights or simply get a feel for Venice with my map of the city

On this website you’ll find various descriptions and tips for finding your way in Venice. To help you get your bearings, I’ve also created this Google map showing the location of decent restaurants, benches to sit on, tourist sights, bars and so on. I’ve been very precise about marking their position.

Note, though, that even powerful Google maps have their limitiations in Venice. Venice’s lanes are too narrow to be clearly visible on the satellite image, and the labelling of streets and squares is not really sufficient. However, this map will help you to see how Venice is laid out, and could help you to plan sightseeing or choose a conveniently-located hotel. You can zoom in close to see places of interest, or zoom out for an overview of the lagoon and mainland.

Italy Heaven’s Google map of Venice

View Venice – recommended restaurants, hotels, sights and more in a larger map

Online mapping can only go so far, however, and to explore Venice freely, you should really consider buying a good map either before you visit Venice or as soon as you arrive. A reasonable free map is provided if you purchase a Venice Card from the tourist office or in advance, but otherwise the city doesn’t offer much guidance to lost tourists.

My Venice guidebook includes seven walks with directions for discovering districts of Venice, and I’d suggest these as a good way to explore the city, with or without an additional map.

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