English Bookshops in Rome

English bookshops in Rome, and other shops which sell books in English

If you’re looking for books in English or other non-Italian languages, Rome has a fairly good selection of international bookshops. Many central branches of bookselling chains offer a few shelves of English books, often a bizarre and random assortment

Feltrinelli International, Via E Orlando, 84. (Metro Repubblica) – the international branch of a big chain. Has sections in a range of languages. The English book section is in the basement. It’s geared more towards teachers and students of English (lots of classics, and teaching aids), but it also has other sections of interest: contemporary fiction, children’s books, poetry. On the ground floor there are international magazines and a few DVDs.

The Lion Bookshop, Via dei Greci, 36 (Metro Spagna) – A wide selection of books and a friendly atmosphere, with a small cafe.

Anglo American Bookstore, Via delle Vite, 102 (Metro Spagna) – A large and confusingly-shelved store, with in-depth specialist sections. Probably the best bet for non-fiction enthusiasts or those looking for political treatises.

Economy Book and Video Center, Via Torino, 136 (Metro Repubblica) – English-language books, new and second-hand. Plenty of second-hand romances, but otherwise a rather slim selection.

Feltrinelli, Largo Argentina – Recently enlarged and renovated, this branch even boasts customer toilets (a useful point to note if you get stranded in the Centro Storico). At the back of the shop there are several shelves of books in English, from guidebooks to fiction.