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Hotel Golden, RomeRome has a depressingly huge number of dodgy cheap hotels; shabby dives with appalling customer service. To find a decent and economical place to stay you’ll need to choose carefully and read other guests’ reviews. The good news is that it is possible to stay cheaply in Rome, in a clean and friendly hotel with reasonable facilities. But you should be prepared to book ahead and do some research. On this page I’ve provided a useful starting-point: a selection of good hotels at the lower end of the price scale. I’ve included some central two-stars, and also a few smarter higher-category hotels which offer competitive prices due to their less central locations.

In these cheaper hotels guests shouldn’t expect too much in the way of space, breakfast or decoration. A budget hotel will typically occupy one or two floors of a larger building, sometimes sharing it with other hotels and businesses. If there is a lift, it will probably be small and old-fashioned, and hotel services and public areas will be minimal. In the summer months you should check if there is air-conditioning (which may be charged as an extra); you’ll be uncomfortable without it. You won’t find luxury, but the hotels we list here have all had good reviews and are recommended as safe, clean accommodation. The best budget hotels are small and fully-booked well in advance, so if you want a good deal you should plan ahead.

Price range – in this budget selection I’ve included accommodation with prices ranging from around €50 to €150 per night for a double room, depending on the season. Last-minute rates out of season may go as low as €30-€40, though you’ll be lucky to find a central hotel that cheap.

A good alternative to a budget hotel is a B&B – Rome has many of these ranging from luxurious to spartan, and if you don’t mind missing out on hotel facilities, you can often find more comfort for your money at a B&B.

My room, Hotel Ascot, Rome (my photo)

Hotel Ascot **

Hotel Ascot is an excellent budget option in Rome. Close to Stazione Termini, this cheap two-star hotel is convenient for travellers and is simple, clean and pleasant. I was very impressed when I stayed there, and thought it very good value for money.

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Hotel Golden, Rome

Hotel Golden **

A highly-rated two-star hotel with fifteen bedrooms in a fairly central location near the Villa Borghese park. It’s very good value for money, with the hotel making an extra effort with touches like bathrobes and slippers in bedrooms (nearly unheard-of in a two-star).

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Hotel Luzzatti, Rome

Hotel Luzzatti **

Hotel Luzzatti is a cheap two-star hotel in the central area of Rome, two Metro stops south of Stazione Termini. The hotel’s twelve rooms offer clean and basic accommodation at very reasonable prices. We stayed there anonymously in 2005 – read our review.

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Hotel Romano, Rome

Hotel Romano **

The two-star Hotel Romano is decent, if not special, but its best feature is its location – ideal for history-lovers. Right over the road from the Roman Forum and two minutes walk from the Colosseum, the hotel is at the end of Via Cavour. Handily close to a pizzeria, the hotel is on the edge of the atmospheric Monti district.

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Hotel Igea, Rome

Hotel Igea ***

Hotel Igea has three stars, but we’ve included it in our budget hotel selection for its low prices. Two streets away from Rome’s main railway station, the hotel offers well-equipped and comfortable rooms. I found it a basic but reasonable place to stay (read my review), but travellers should check more recent reports using the link below.

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Hotel Principe Eugenio, Rome

Hotel Principe Eugenio **

With good recommendations from past guests, the Principe Eugenio offers very affordable accommodation, which is friendly, clean and surprisingly spacious. The location is conveniently close to Stazione Termini, although the immediate area is busy and not particularly appealing. However, one of Rome’s finest ice-cream parlours is over the road.

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Hotel Piave, Rome

Hotel Piave **

Piave has positive reviews from past guests, who praise the friendly and helpful staff. Not far from Termini, but slightly off the beaten tourist trail, the area is well-served by buses. The hotel isn’t as cheap as some two-stars, but it does offer good value for money.

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Hotel Italia, Rome

Hotel Italia **

Hotel Italia has good standards for a two-star hotel. It’s located just off Via Nazionale, which is central and handy for sightseeing. I’ve stayed here and although my single room was poky, I appreciated the service and thoughtful extras like books to borrow.

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Hotel Andreina, Rome

Hotel Andreina **

A popular tourist two-star in a very convenient if unromantic location near Stazione Termini. Seven clean and comfortable rooms (double, twin and triple), all en-suite and air-conditioned. No breakfast provided.

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Mercure Corso Trieste, Rome

Mercure Corso Trieste ***

A reliable modern chain hotel outside the historic centre, in a residential area off Via Nomentana. The location means you’ll spend some time on public transport, but it’s not a bad choice for travellers on a budget.

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H10 Roma Città, Rome

H10 Roma Città ****

A stylish modern four-star hotel which, when I checked, offered budget room rates online. The cheap prices are a consequence of the hotel’s newness and its out-of-the way location. The nearest Metro station is quite a walk away, but guests who are prepared to compromise on convenience will find good value for their money. There’s free wireless internet, and parking at a price.

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Hotel Cassia, Rome

Hotel Cassia ***

One way to save money on accommodation in Rome is to stay outside the town centre, in a suburb or along one of the main roads leaving the city. I wouldn’t normally recommend this to tourists (at the very least, stay centrally enough to use the Metro), but it may suit some travellers, for example those with cars who are planning a driving tour of the region. Hotel Cassia – north of Rome – is an example of an out-of-town hotel where you can get more for your money, though it’s a long journey by public transport to reach the town centre. Has car parking.

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Eurostars Roma Congress Hotel & Convention Center, Rome

Eurostars Roma Congress Hotel & Convention Center ****

Another out-of-town option, this offers four-star accommodation with good guest reviews, on the Via Prenestina to the east of Rome. The hotel provides occasional shuttles into Rome, but again, it isn’t a good location if you’re car-free and planning a sight-seeing trip. Free parking.

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San Jouan Guest House, Rome

San Jouan Guest House

Six rooms within walking distance of the Colosseum with some very good deals through the online booking links below (I found a double room in March for €40). Well-cared-for and popular with past guests.

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