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Cinemas in Rome

There are plenty of cinemas in Rome, and several which show English-language films on a daily basis.

In Italy films are invariably dubbbed into Italian. The quality of Italian dubbing is supposed to be about the highest in the world. Regular actors take the voices of big stars like Tom Cruise. Of course, this is frustrating for those who prefer to hear the actor's voices or who don't understand Italian. We've noticed too that despite the excellent dubbing, many nuances and much humour gets lost in translation.

If you want to see a film in its original English, look out for the words 'Versione Originale' or 'Lingua Originale'. These are showings in the original language, sometimes with Italian subtitles. Confusingly, most film titles are translated into Italian, sometimes even when the film itself is being shown in English, so you may need to study posters or use your ingenuity to work out what the film is.

There are sometimes one-off showings in English, or short seasons of English-language films. But here are the cinemas where you can almost always find a film showing in English:

Warner Moderno
Large and modern multi-screen cinema in Piazza della Repubblica, located right next to the Metro (Repubblica, Linea A). One of their screens usually shows an English film several times a day. The film changes on Friday. On the Warner Village website (see right) use 'Ricerca Cinema' and select 'Moderno'.

In a handy tourist location on Via del Corso, close to Piazza del Popolo, the Metropolitan Cinema usually has an English-language film showing on one of its screens.

Multisala Barberini
Next to the Metro at Barberin, this multi-screen cinema sometimes shows films in English, and has been known to have a small English-language film festival in the summer months.

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