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My impressions of some of the places where I’ve stayed in Rome over the years

We have visited all the hotels listed on this page, staying at least one night. We booked our accommodation online through the links available on Italy Heaven, and paid the full price as quoted. Our reviews are all honest and independent – we didn’t make ourselves known to the hoteliers or obtain any special treatment. We’ve made our reports as detailed as possible, trying to include all the information and issues which will concern other guests.

For general advice on choosing and booking hotels, visit our Italy hotels page, which answers many frequently-asked questions, or read our advice on where to stay in Rome.

If you are wondering why our reviews are generally positive, this is because, like other travellers, we shopped around. Using our general Rome hotel search, in order to view availability and prices, we then made our selection based on reviews from past guests (click on the ‘Reviews’ link by each hotel). By clicking on the ‘User Rating’ heading at the top of the hotel list, you can actually order establishments by the judgements of past guests. We always take individual reports with a pinch of salt, but anywhere with twenty-plus good reviews has to be worth considering. Our advice is to read these brief reports carefully – bearing in mind the different expectations and idiosyncracies of other travellers. Check reviews from a similar season to the one in which you are travelling. Do summer visitors complain about the lack of air-conditioning, or winter visitors bemoan the inadequate heating? Alternatively, if you haven’t got time to plough through other reviews, just use our more detailed reports and book at one of our favourites.


The Inn at the Roman Forum

Small and luxurious boutique hotel close to Rome’s archaeological sites – so close that there are actually ruins within the hotel building. Rooms are comfortable and stylish. I visited in March 2009, and loved it.

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Hotel Capo d’Africa ****

A 4-star offering close to 5-star-luxury. Scrupulous attention to detail, with every comfort, and all in a quiet location just down the road from the Colosseum.
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Our room at Residenza in Farnese

Residenza in Farnese ****

Great breakfasts and a dream location just off Piazza Farnese in the historic heart of Rome.
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Relais Fontana di Trevi ****

Impressively comfortable rooms; my rear-facing bedroom was also extremely quiet. Not much public space or hotel facilities, but the location is right by the Trevi Fountain, which can be glimpsed from the top-floor terrace. Reviewed February 2008.
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Hotel Raffaello ***

We loved almost everything about this hotel. It was comfortable and well-run, with generous breakfasts and even chocolates by the beds.
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Hotel Re di Roma: my bedroom  (my photo)

Hotel Re di Roma ***

Hotel Re di Roma is a modern three-star hotel in a residential and commercial area just outside the heart of Rome, close to a Metro station. It has comfortable and smart modern rooms and helpful staff. Although room-prices vary, the hotel generally offers good value for money.

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Hotel Ascot **

Hotel Ascot is an excellent budget option in Rome. Close to Stazione Termini, this cheap two-star hotel is convenient for travellers and is simple, clean and pleasant. I was impressed when I stayed there, and thought it very good value for money.

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More hotel reviews

Hotel Torino ****

A good tourist hotel, between Stazione Termini and the Teatro dell’Opera. Sometimes offers special rates.
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Hotel Quirinale ****

A large and traditional-style four-star hotel on Via Nazionale, a busy shopping street which is handy for transport. Breakfast was badly-organised but if you don’t mind the presence of tour groups, it’s quite a decent place to stay. Reviewed February 2007.
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Hotel Milo ***

A cheap three-star very close to Stazione Termini. The setting is not picturesque but it’s very convenient. Accommodation is simple but clean and comfortable. Reviewed May 2006.
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Hotel Igea ***

Another budget option in the streets near Termini. An uninspiring but decent place to stay, with cheap prices. Reviewed April 2005.
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Our room at 'A Casa di Maryelen', Rome

Hotel Luzzatti **

This certainly wasn’t the most comfortable place we’ve stayed, but it was one of the cheapest. Worth considering if you’re on a very tight budget. Reviewed April 2005.
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B&B reviews

B&B San Jouan

Near Manzoni metro station and only a short walk from the Colosseum, this is a comfortable, simple B&B for travellers on a budget.
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B&B ‘Fiocca’

With just two guest rooms in a private apartment and a shared bathroom, this won’t be to everyone’s taste, but it’s a very respectable and cheap accommodation option, located conveniently for public transport. Reviewed May 2006.
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