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Acqua alta: photo gallery

Acqua alta is when an unusually high tide - aided by rain, wind or low atmospheric pressure - invades Venice and floods parts of the city. For more about what it is and when to expect it, see our detailed article about acqua alta.

High water in St. Mark's Square

The crowds file along walkways - passerelle - in front of St. Mark's, with traffic policemen to oversee their orderly progress.
(26th October 2007)

High water in St. Mark's Square

St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco) filled with water during a high tide of around 110cm - that's the height above an average lagoon water-level, not the depth of the flood. Take care if you're walking through the piazza in wellies as it's not level and the water varies in depth. On the day I took this photograph I saw seagulls bobbing - but also a floating dead rat.
(26th October 2007)

Acqua alta in the Piazzetta di San Marco

Orderly files on walkways in the Piazzetta di San Marco, queuing to get to St. Mark's. Be patient and keep to the right. It's much quicker to get around this low-lying part of town if you wear wellington boots.
(26th October 2007)

Acqua alta in the Piazzetta di San Marco

Slow progress on walkways at the lagoon end of the Piazzetta di San Marco. Pigeons and tourists seek drier ground. Acqua alta frequently arrives hand-in-hand with rain, so umbrellas add to the complications - getting around Venice can be like an obstacle course.
(26th October 2007)

Campo Santa Margherita under water

Campo Santa Margherita under water - below is the scene three hours later later.
(1st December 2008)
> Read about this dramatic day in 2008.

Campo Santa Margherita
Campo Santa Margherita

Stranded on benches during the floods.
(1st December 2008)

Canal with flooded walkways

This rio (small canal) usually has a pavement along either side.
(1st December 2008)

Campo Santa Margherita

Familiar scenes were transformed by the dramatic flooding.
(1st December 2008)

Wading through the floods

Lanes which usually stay dry throughout high tides were now negotiable only in extra-high Wellington boots.
(1st December 2008)

> The phenomenon of acqua alta

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